Keeps pipe roll intact, off the floor, rolled up, safe from damage and always ready for easy installation or retrieval.

Specify PolyMinder Cart or PolyMinder Hitch Mount $995. PolyMinder Mast (for attaching to truck bed, over cab or on trencher) $895. Tracer wire spool roller $40. Irrigation wire spool roller $70.

  • Handles 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ rolls
  • Pipe dispensers for your plant, work site, trencher or service truck
  • Pipe roll can be up to: 15″ in width, 46″ outside diameter
  • Accepts any size inside diameter
  • Pipe dispensing opening between reels is 2.5″

Worth it’s weight in gold. I have to hire one less guy by using the PolyMinder.
Joe Fourre / It's Green, LLC
We absolutely love it…it gets the work done in half the time!
Brooks Shepard / Range LP Gas
I like it…it saves a lot of work and time.
Bill Smith / Tek Gas Service