Keeps pipe roll intact, off the floor, rolled up, safe from damage and always ready for easy installation or retrieval.

Specify PolyMinder Cart, PolyMinder Hitch Mount or PolyMinder Mast Mount (for attaching to truck bed or trencher) PolyMinder Mast is $695

  • Handles 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ rolls
  • Pipe dispensers for your plant, work site, trencher or service truck
  • Pipe roll can be up to: 15″ in width, 46″ outside diameter
  • Accepts any size inside diameter
Worth it’s weight in gold. I have to hire one less guy by using the PolyMinder.
Joe Fourre / It's Green, LLC
We absolutely love it…it gets the work done in half the time!
Brooks Shepard / Range LP Gas
I like it…it saves a lot of work and time.
Bill Smith / Tek Gas Service