Weighing less than 70 lbs for easy handling and featuring a quick-fold handle to minimize cargo space, the YankAnUpright is built rugged to transport empty or loaded 420 lb. upright tanks. Four pnuematic tires provide a stable base stance and doesn’t hinder operator access while lifting tanks, both features much preferable to the competition. Unique fulcrum action allows ergonomically superior lifting action. Attaches to tank without having to lift or shift tank.

Quick fold-up, rugged construction and easy tank handling make the YankAnUpright the premium upright tank carrier on the market today.

Complete with Quick Strap

Compare our YankAnUpright to the competition: (Dollar figures have changed since this graph was prepared but comparisons have not)


Jeremy Smith

The first time I used the YankAnUpright I knew its design was well thought out. It performed perfectly and made pulling the 420lb 120 gallon propane tank across a bumpy field easy. It took 10 minutes to put together and is built very well yet is also light enough to make loading/unloading easy. Given the fact that there are zerk fittings for all the bearings/bushings I know it will last a long time.  Thanks!

Jeremy Smith / Vashon Energy
Aaron Bustemante

Got it a few days after ordering. We unpacked it and have been moving full and empty tanks with it ever since. Great product. All I can say is WOW!

Aaron Bustemante / Amerigas