Moto Max Tank Mover


Moto Max $9,995 Power unit

The Moto Max is a budget-saving new machine that can move ALL horizontal propane tanks up to 1,000 gallons.

Moto Max video
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24 years ago we invented the YankATank, a rugged and handy must-have tool that thousands of propane companies use daily. After bringing many other fine products to market since, we are excited to announce the Moto Max, a new solution to placing and retrieving tanks where you and your customer need.

• Just several minutes to hookup or disconnect
• Brakes, throttle & speed controls
• No hydraulics or gearboxes to drag down power curve and complicate powertrain
• Unique direct drive–No expensive components to replace or loss of efficiency through hydraulics, clutches or gear boxes
• 2 speed forward, 1 speed reverse
• No mar tank lifters
• Cargo hook to lift entire unit in and out of crane trucks

Max carrying capacity 2400 lbs

The entire package can be moved and also may be lifted at once with the provided cargo hook.

Moto Max can be adjusted to fit through 36″ gates

Caution: We recommend tanks have no more than 5% product in them when moving.

The Moto Max is in production and now available.