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We provide specialty equipment to tire dealers, propane marketers, gas and water pipe installers, farmers and agriculture co-ops.

Propane Equipment


The YankAnUpright is light and maneuverable and yet rugged enough to carry loaded 420’s. It’s patented design allows techs to lift a 600 lb. tank with an ergo-easy 60 lbs downward pull of force. Very stable as it has four tire platform as compared to the competitions three point platform.

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When you can’t move a 500 or 1,000 gallon tank any other way, this unit with dollies and jack puts the tank on wheels for transfer.

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Our most popular tank mover. Tank can be attached and moved in a matter of seconds with our patented lifting mechanism of 10:1 ratio. Thousands have been sold across the US and Canada.

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Attach and start moving 500 gallon tanks within 30 seconds.

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Agriculture Equipment

PowerRack – 1 Bale Feeder

Flakes and distributes one-ton square bales as desired with the push of a button.

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PowerRack – 2 Bale Feeder

Transport two one-ton bales and flake and drop as desired with the push of a button. One person can easily complete the feeding job.

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This revolutionary flex skirt is easily installed and permanently keeps bin bases and grain in the bin dry. No more yearly sealing as our skirt moves with the bin expansion and contraction instead of conflicting like sealants have in the past.

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