LPG Tank Inverter—Ten-year 10,000 Cycle Guarantee


420 Upright Tank Inverter

Works great!

We wanted to make sure our Inverter would handle thousands of cycles so we filled a 420 with water which weighs more than twice as much as LPG. We attached a motor to the Inverter and put it to work. We ran the Inverter for 4 days, 8 hours a day at more than 5 reps per minute.

After more than 10,000 cycles or inversions, it was still running strong! This is comparable to evacuating 9,000,000 gallons (nine million gallons) of LPG.

10,000+ cycles on the Inverter and still no signs of wear, bending or other problems. We think this unit has many more turns in it than 10,000. That is why we offer a standard ten-year 10,000 cycle guarantee on our Tank Inverter. (Does not include strap)

We filled an upright tank until it weighed a little over 600 lbs. We took the lightest guy on our crew who weighs 160 lbs. Don is also the oldest guy at 68 years of age. Don lifted and moved the loaded tank on to the Inverter, at different times using both our YankAnUpright and YankATank with no problem. He strapped and inverted the loaded tank easily. Not 10,000 times but enough to prove the concept. Notice Don is turning and inverting the full tank with just one hand. (We recommend you use both hands)

With our Inverter, no external power source is needed. Repairs on the tank or evacuating may now be done in the field. Invert tanks at your plant or at your customer’s location!

Less than 40 lbs of manual power is required to invert a full 600 lb. vertical LPG tank & product. Less than a minute is required to attach and secure the tank to the Inverter.  Place your loaded tanks on &  retrieve your empty tanks off our inverter with your crane truck, forklift, YankATank or YankAnUpright. No extra components are built in to our Inverter to create problems & complicate your business. Tested for thousands of cycles of full tanks & still working like a champ! Rugged and dependable. Full tanks of LPG are almost as easy to invert as empty tanks. The Inverter is made here in America.

We recommend using Marshall Excelsior ME 450 or similar type valve to evacuate liquid out of the 1 3/4″ Acme fill valve. Invert tank to a horizontal position, attach valve and hose, open and begin evacuating liquid. Continue inverting tank as desired. It is recommended to not position valves straight down if you don’t want to transfer the nasty mercaptan liquid on the bottom into the next tank. Simply transfer LPG and then drain remaining mercaptan into disposal container.

If Inverter/Roller is used, strap roller Even though the tank shown being rolled is 80% filled with LPG, it is very easily handled. This allows an upright tank to be attached to the Inverter, inverted to drain the tank, moved to a horizontal position, disconnect the strap and rolled as needed for sand blasting or shot blasting through the access holes in the top of the tank. Then strap it and invert to allow blasting and other material to be drained out of the tank. Or, use the Roller to paint and have better access to any part of the tank.

Inverter $3495
Crossbar $250
Roller Assembly $695
Marshall ME 450 $183

Tank Inverter shown above with Inverter Cross-Member and Tank Roller attachment

Cross-member attachment/chain fixture is available to lift Inverter with or without tank, in and out of crane trucks, giving techs a variety of options on how they transport, evacuate and maintain tanks. Crossbar (Includes chains and hooks) $295

Inverter Tank Roller attachment is also an option.

Roller Assembly (Allows tank to be rolled on Inverter to easily access valve and gauge holes for sand blasting, shot blasting. Re-strap, invert and drain residue) $695
Marshall ME 450 $183

We’ve reduced this equipment down to just the basics for a failsafe operation. You don’t need fancy bells and whistles to up the price and fail down the road.

Invert the upright tank and lock it in the desired one possible positions as the tank is turned. Easily handles full tanks of LPG without straining. Designed for the tank to be placed on the Inverter (and taken off) with our YankATank or YankAnUpright, both of our handy tank transporters will handle full upright 420 tanks. (Tank may also be placed on Inverter with a forklift or crane truck.)

Inverter has an access entry so bottom of tanks can also be inspected or painted along with lifting lugs so tank can be lifted while on inverter by crane truck.

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