• Move 500 & 1,000 gallon tanks quickly & efficiently
  • Jack includes enlarged base, lift extension, & pneumatic tires
  • No-mar tank contact points
  • Trailing 1400 lb. capacity dolly with extension for easy handling and attachment
  • Front 1400 lb. capacity steering dolly with tongue for push/pull handling and steering, pindle hitch included
  • Quick-place pins allow for fast mount/dismount of dollies on tank
  • ¬†Fits most 500 & 1,000 gallon LPG tanks
  • (Note: Improved jack design configured differently than pictured)
  • Dollies together–56″x 56″
  • Jack–17″x63″
Kelly Fitzhugh

With the YankABigTank, we deliver 500’s and 1,000’s with the tank on the wheels. Works great!

Kelly Fitzhugh / Propane Service Now