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Handles 420 uprights, 120, 250, & 330 gallon horizontals

 800 lb cargo capacity

Net weight 135 lbs (with dollies, pins and YankATank)

Width 31″, length 80″

Lifting ratio is approximately 10:1. If a 500 lb. (250 gallon) tank is lifted  into transporting position on the YankATank, 50-60 lbs downward handle pressure is required.)

The operator’s weight is easily and favorably utilized in providing the downward force to lift tanks.

Downward pressure on the YankATank handle to lift tanks is ergonomically much easier on the back, arms, fingers, etc. than when personnel attempt to scoot, lift, scrape, drag, roll or otherwise manipulate or move tanks without the YankATank.

This propane tank cart/propane tank dolly features standard dollies included to roll tanks lengthwise through gates and narrow openings.

YankATank Dual Option (High flotation in soft ground) – $150

YankATank Carrier Hitch Mount – $295

YankATank Dollies and pins – $500–Included standard with YankATank but sometimes have to be purchased again if technician doesn’t pull the pins and take them off when transporting with Hitch Mount.

We do not recommend 500 gallon tanks be transported by YankATank Dollies even though we hear that this is a common practice. Do so your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages or accidents that may occur.

Mike Crawford

We are now setting tanks in places we were never able to before.

This is a “must-have tool” for anyone in the propane business.  We have 5 YankATanks      

Mike Crawford / Ferrellgas
Marcia Booth

At Main Care Energy, we serve 12 counties. We were looking for a feasible way to safely and efficiently move and set propane tanks in situations where our crane equipment was not appropriate.  We found this in the YankATank.

We started out with 3 and now have 7 units! It is unquestionably one of the most valuable tools on the installation truck! ”   Marcia Booth, Main Care Energy, Albany, NY

Marcia Booth / Main Care Energy