Recovering Idiot
Recovering Idiot Paperback & Kindle
Running a Biz? What NOT to do! After a page or two, your problems will vanish.


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  • Mother of six and wife of NBA star Danny Ainge, Michelle Ainge "Ben’s book was a fun read!  I like hearing people’s stories and his is a crazy one. His antics made me laugh out loud and exhausted me."
  • Early sub-4 minute miler Greg Gibson: “You will cry from laughing so hard." 
  • Holder of 19 Arm Wrestling World Championships Steve Phipps: “I highly recommend Recovering Idiot. Enjoy the adventure!" 
  • National Intercollegiate Rodeo Steer Wrestling Champion Tom Clyde:  "I loved Recovering Idiot and highly recommend it. Filled with wit and humor that brings you to tears, it is very entertaining and one of those reads you cannot put down.  
  • Internationally acclaimed concert pianist Stephen Beus: "Equal parts entertaining and horrifying. After reading this book, I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry  A great read!" 
  • Nuclear Physicist David Ottley: This book is scientific, albeit anecdotal, proof that Darwin’s theory of natural selection is incorrect. If Darwinism were true, Ben would have been eliminated from the gene pool long ago.  
  • SE PE, Missile Guidance Engineer William York: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading Recovering Idiot! It’s fun to read, well-written and shows what crazy adventures lie ahead if we believe in ourselves and don’t overthink the problems.” 
  • German Baptist mother of six Heidi Young: “Coming from a conservative background without many of the modern entertainment  inventions in our home, our boys have spent hours reading and rereading Recovering Idiot. 
  • Former NFL player and owner of Fountain Bookstores Ben Archibald: “After 11 years playing professional football, I've known some real characters! Ben is one of the craziest. This book will open your eyes to a whole new way of life. Recovering Idiot weaves the most idiotic decisions in life into a wonderful read that will lighten your heart and bring new appreciation to having common sense!" 
  • F-15 pilot Lt. Col. Brandon Mackay: “This book is unbelievably true! Casper has cheated death more than any other pilot I’ve known.  


          Ben’s five friends said:

          Kyle Huwe: "I laughed so hard, tears were running down my leg!"
          Sonja Hansen: "We've been waiting 60 years for this."
          Scot Haws: "I see no signs of recovery."
          Brianne Huwe: "A great experience...I laughed to the point of tears!"
          Kola Robinson: "Funniest book I've ever read." 
A sample story of Ben's book published in BPN, a national trade magazine:
Among other things, this book is a:
  • Comprehensive Industrial Safety Manual - After reading, you'll be much more careful
  • Flight School Basics  - Such as taking off with a 50 mph tailwind and other poorly thought-out maneuvers 
  • Marriage Counselor - You'll look so much better to your other half as they read the book
  • Financial Tutorial - Leaves bankers shaking their heads
  • Anti-Depressant - Brings instant relief that you aren't in Ben's shoes
  • Legal Advisor - If you conflict with the Man
  • Funny Bone Activator - Provides minor chuckles or substantial gaffaws to 98% of its readers


An added book bonus shares the account of Ben's unofficial world record horizontal long jump of 35 feet while barefoot on June 1, 1968. (Verified by law enforcement)

Bob Beamon set the official Olympic world record of 29 feet, 2 inches in October of 1968 and that Olympic record still stands today.

Bob had a tailwind. Ben did not.

Bob suffered no injuries. Ben did.


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