All-Bin Flex Skirt

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Never again deal with water seeping under your bins, rotting your grain and corroding your bins. Guaranteed!

Grain bins expand and contract with heat and cold, conflicting with the concrete, thereby continually damaging any type of sealant applied. Tar, epoxy and foam are expensive fixes that don’t last. Inevitable cracks appear in these temporary “band-aids,” even acting as reservoirs to store the water, rot the grain and rust the bottom of the bin rings. Sealants are an expensive, labor intensive, counter-productive  and temporary fix.

Bin owners now have a solution to this never-before solved problem. The Flex Skirt provides a dry zone. The skirt and dry zone moves with the bin and protects your grain and base rings at all times. Guaranteed!

Even bin owners with elevated floors utilize the Flex Skirt so their bin bottoms and interior spaces always stay dry and rust free. The Flex Skirt keeps water outside the bin and dry zone. Bugs no longer have wet grain fines to flock to and multiply in inside on the concrete floor.

The All-Bin Flex Skirt is attached to the bin and slides over the concrete base and essential protective dam as the bin expands and contracts, providing constant protection. Our protective dam does not contact the moving bin, thereby maintaining dry conditions at the bin base at all times.

Quote will include:

    • Flex skirting, corrugated and double seamed on top and bottom edges
    • Fasteners
    • Splash Guard-Double seamed on top and bottom edges
    • Fan Channel
    • Splash Guard sealant
    • Applicator molding guide
    • Protective dam
    • Food grade inspection doors/rodent control easily installed
    • Instructions
    • On-call tech help as needed

(Outside stiffener covers extra)

3 ways to obtain this protection for your bins…

  • Buying new bin? Insist that your bin company install the All-Bin Flex Skirt as part of the package. If they don’t already offer this great product, ask them to call us and we’ll help them get started.
  • Already own bins? Would you like to install the Flex Skirt with your own crew? Send us a quote request on our website to get started.
  • Hire someone else to install the Flex Skirt. Contact your local bin sales company or serviceman and ask them to give you a bid.


* What do I need to provide to get a Flex Skirt price?
Each bin diameter, total number of bins and the number of bins with outside stiffeners are needed to quote your complete package. You can easily provide us with this information by filling out the quote form below.

* Does Moveit’s permanent fix Flex Skirt cost more than the custom foam or seal jobs?
Most custom seal coat jobs cost more than our Flex Skirt and are only temporary, often trapping water and causing even more rust and damage to the bin. And the big difference is the Flex Skirt lasts the life of the bin, keeping more dollars in your pocket!

* What do I get with the All-Bin Flex Skirt?
Moveit provides all components required and instructions needed to install our Flex Skirt on your bins. Our patent-pending Foam Dam under the Flex Skirt has no contact with the bin and therefore isn’t susceptible to cracks and seal damage. The Flex Skirt, Splash Guard and Fan Channel are galvanized sheet metal and attach to the bin with self-tapping screws which are provided.

* If I have a lot of bins or combine orders with my neighbor, do I get a discount?
Bin diameter can be found by measuring from the center of the bin to the bin wall and multiplying by 2. To find length of skirt needed, multiply each bin diameter by 3.22. Add all lengths together to find total length.

* Are there extra items not included in Flex Skirt package?
Stiffener covers are extra but only needed if your bins have outside stiffeners. Rodent control/food grade inspection doors are available, not expensive & easily installed.

* How long does it take if I install the Flex Skirt myself?
Flex Skirt installation time varies by size and configuration of bin — Two workers can usually install a Flex Skirt package on a 34’ bin without outside stiffeners in less than 4 hours. Outside stiffener bins take slightly longer.

* Do I need tools to install the Flex Skirt?
Yes, a few tools are needed—cordless drill, 5/16” nut driver, cinch or tie-down strap for skirt installation.  A small 1″-2″ brush or dauber for sealant above splash guard. Depending on the bin, an angle grinder & cutoff (skinny) wheel may be needed for alterations. Old tar and sealants must be removed 2”-3” and outward from bin wall. Concrete must be clean and bare but doesn’t have to be dry.

* How is the Flex Skirt shipped?
For small orders, Fed Ex Ground. Larger orders shipped LTL (Less Than Truckload) motor freight. Each order will receive individual rolls of 50’ corrugated Flex Skirt combined for preferred handling plus extra skirt lengths to fill your order.

* Do I have to have anything special at my location to receive order?
For LTL orders, forklift or loading dock must be at destination location or freight company has additional charges.

* How can I get a quick quote?
Online quotation request will help expedite orders. We would prefer that you use this website to communicate with us. We are very busy taking care of orders and customers. Soon after you submit a quote request, we will contact you by phone to answer any questions and fill your order. We would prefer to be paid by check (which can be arranged when we call with your quote) but we also accept credit cards with a 3% charge.

For printable PDF, click on:  Bin Skirt Info

US and Canadian patents pending

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This is a no-brainer! It’s a permanent solution for what used to be a constant problem.
It’s such a big problem I had a neighbor that poured about 6 inches of concrete in the bottom of his bins. He said the hardest part was framing the fan strips in the floor and then dealing with the sweep auger each year. No more water but it was a lot more effort and dollars than tar. This skirt is the perfect fix!
This is a godsend to keep water out of the corn. I’ve tried many things over the years but the water always finds a way to get in. Thanks!