Bin Skirts


Price per linear foot.

Protect your grain and bins from moisture from rain and snow run-off with our flexible galvanized metal bin skirts.  Can accommodate any size bin.  The skirt moves with the bin, sliding over concrete and foam dam. Expanding and contracting bin never conflicts with sealant and concrete as all installations have in the past. Easy installation.

Purchase Includes:

  • skirt
  • screws
  • deflector
  • sealer
  • foam dam
  • instructions

Outside bin stiffener covers sold separately.


This is a no-brainer! It’s a permanent solution for what used to be a constant problem.
It’s such a big problem I had a neighbor that poured about 6 inches of concrete in the bottom of his bins. He said the hardest part was framing the fan strips in the floor and then dealing with the sweep auger each year. No more water but it was a lot more effort and dollars than tar. This skirt is the perfect fix!
This is a godsend to keep water out of the corn. I’ve tried many things over the years but the water always finds a way to get in. Thanks!