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Tire dealers, vehicle service shops, propane marketers, farmers & ranchers, gas & waterline installers and many others use Moveit, Inc equipment that makes life easier and money faster.
Our tire cart (Tire Squire) and rolling tire racks (RubRRaks) make tire work much more efficient and profitable for businesses handling tires.
Our YankATank, YankAnUpright, YankABigTank, Tank Roller and PolyMinder pipe reel solves  problems people in the propane industry face daily.
Waterline and gas pipeline installers also are discovering the great advantages our PolyMinder polypipe reel can provide.
Farmers and ranchers benefit by utilizing our new Bale Feeder and SDS grain drying systems

Users of our products enjoy more efficiency, safety, improved ergonomics and a more professional work environment. Companies using our equipment are saving thousands of dollars each year.

We invite you to make your business better. Call us today to start reaping the benefits that Moveit products provide!


Our products are in stock, ready to ship at a moment's notice. Call and let us show you how quickly we can make our product become your equipment!





We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.