Tire Squire


We introduced the first tire cart with a supporting back wheel so you don’t have to carry half the load when moving tires. We didn’t stop there. The Tire Squire is the first tire cart not requiring foot power to grasp the tire stack. Easy hookup, easy rolling, easy removal.

The Tire Squire is a radically different tire cart that makes moving passenger and LT tires faster, safer, easier, and more secure than any other tire cart on the market today.

It is always in position to roll. Requiring no foot pedals or complicated mechanisms, the Tire Squire features only 2 moving parts for minimal wear.

Constant tension gripping the bottom tire in the stack and a third wheel to carry and stabilize the load make this unquestionably the best tire cart available.

The Tire Squire and its load never have to be carried like conventional tire carts require. Workers don’t have to bend over to pick up the bottom tires like conventional carts. Great pricing. In stock. Ready to ship.

Quantity discounts available

Dimensions: 64″ tall,  32″ wide, Front to back 41″

Shipping weight 85 lbs, Boxed 64″x 15″x 15″

We’ve been using the Tire Squire for years. We probably move 15,000 tires a month and the guys never have to carry the load! -John Hansen***You-Pull-and-Pay, Colorado Springs, CO


Steven Smoroske

We’ve been using the Tire Squire tire carts for years now.  All the carts are still in service, they’ve been very durable.  We really put them to the test as we move everything by hand here and they have lived up to expectations.  For the money they just can’t be beat.

Steven Smoroske / Maftco Tire
Gary NcNece

We bought 4 of your Tire Squires about 6 years ago. We move over 400 tires a day with them. Our guys say they are much easier to operate than the carts we used to have. We’ll buy more as soon as these wear out.

Gary NcNece / GCR Tire