RubRRak – Open Rak


  • The Original RubRRak–Heavy Duty
  • RubRRaks – Never have a junk tire cluttering your service room floor again
  • Roll them out whenever convenient and the rush has slowed
  • Train your techs that junk tires should never touch the floor
  • Forklift Compatible
  • Thousands of happy users regard RubRRaks as essential equipment
  • Always clean service area, greater productivity, less time handling junks
  • Accomodates 35-45 tires
  • The handiest tire transporter ever
  • Extends wider for truck tires or shorter if space is at a premium

The original, rolling Open Rak greatly reduces the costly and time-consuming problems of handling junk tires.

And not just your scrap tires!

Use the Open Rak to move up to 45 new LT, SUV & passenger tires at a time!

  • Open Rak. For greatest efficiency and an “always clean” service room
  • Open Rak store rules are: “No junk tires touch the floor!”
  • Open Rak. One person can move up to 45 tires instantly

To handle junks, the Open Rak is placed in or near the service room, as close to your tire machines as possible. As soon as a junk tire comes off the machine, it is laced on the Rak. The service room is always clean. No junks litter the floor, even when the store is busy.

No more wasted service tech’s time of unnecessary and redundant handling and moving of scrap tires. Removal and transport of junks in seconds to the junk storage area make this essential equipment for your store.

Store managers using Open Raks feel they save $15 a day, $4500 per year.

Open Raks have saved their owners almost $500 million dollars over the last 18 years!

Rugged and dependable, many Open Raks are still going strong after 18 years of service.

Bud Wallgren
We purchased several RubRRaks at each of our seven locations. They have proven to be well worth the investment. We are able to discard junks directly to the Rak and, when it is full, one person can roll it out to our junk tire trailer. They eliminate many trips with a hand truck thus saving time and manpower.
Bud Wallgren / Wallgren Tire Centers
Paul Williams
I thought my people would never use the RubRRak but after a short time, I found i couldn’t live without it! The RubRRak really saves us time.
Paul Williams / Pasco Tire Factory
Matt Dyche
We found the RubRRak to be extremely handy, very mobile. We use it throughout our service center.
Matt Dyche / Perfection Tire