22 years ago, we invented the YankATank, a rugged and handy must-have tool that thousands of propane companies use daily. After bringing many other fine products to market since, we are excited to announce the MotoTank, a new solution to placing and retrieving tanks where you and your customer need.

The MotoTank is a refreshing, rugged and budget-saving new method to move ALL smaller tanks up to and including 330 gallons.

The MotoTank–Motorized tank mover for 120, 250, 330 gallon horizontal tanks & 420 uprights
• 1 minute hookup or disconnect
• Brakes, throttle & speed controls
• No hydraulics or gearboxes to drag down power curve and complicate powertrain
• Unique direct drive–No expensive components to replace or loss of efficiency through hydraulics, clutches or gear boxes
• Folds up to 34” wide & 40” long–All components are securely locked in place when folded
• 1 speed reverse,2 speed forward
• No mar tank lifters
• Cargo hook to lift entire unit in and out of crane trucks.

A tandem wheel package (+$250) is available for the MotoTank Extension Platform. It can be seen in the group of scrolling pictures above. It’s helpful for flotation and rut control if needed in your application. It may be purchased on the unit when ordered or purchased and installed later.

The Extension Platform and other accessories are included and are mounted on the unit. The entire package can be moved and also may be lifted at once, in and out of a boom truck with the provided cargo hook.

The MotoTank is in production and now available.

Exciting new announcement: MotoTank’s big brother MotoTank Max will be available early 2022! MotoTank Max will move 120, 250, 330, 500, & 1,000 gallon horizontal tanks. Priced at $8995, it will be the economical answer to moving 500’s and 1,000’s!

Orders for the MotoTank Max are being accepted. Shipping begins April 1, 2022.

Pictures of the MotoTank Max are not yet available. They will be online as soon as units arrive, tentatively planned the first week of March 2022.


MotoTank video
The 250 horizontal shown in the video has 40% LPG in it and is being handled by a 68 year-old tech who weighs 160 lbs. Keep that in mind as you see him handling the tanks!

Caution: We recommend tanks have no more than 10% product in them. Also, the MotoTank IS NOT designed to lift or transport 500 or 1,000 gallon tanks because of weight and size limitations.