Moveit Inc. provides specialty equipment to tire dealers, propane marketers and the ag industry.

We have just introduced a new line of Grain Bin Skirts that will provide excellent shelter from the elements for anyone storing grain in grain bins. If you need tire, LPG or related industry equipment, you've come to the right place! We also manufacture items for farms and ranches.

At Moveit, we are focused on providing you better ways to get your job done in the most efficient manner possible.  Moveit has brought these products from unmet customer needs to functional, unique tools.
Beginning in 1999 and located in Basin City, Washington, our staff has been dedicated to providing dependable and unique equipment to our customers.   

The majority of our products (including most components) are manufactured in the USA. Every effort is made to design our products to be user friendly, safe, efficient and durable.
Businesses using Moveit Inc.'s products reap additional profitability, an edge on their competitors and most important--more efficient, happy employees. People using our products enjoy life a little bit more than they did before.
Most of our items pay for themselves in the first few months of service!  Year after year.  

Thanks for your business, past and future! Give us a call or drop us a note and we'll show you how to make difficult, time-consuming jobs become safer, quicker and easier with Moveit equipment.
Admittedly, we don't spend a lot of money on marketing and website appearances. We keep plenty busy with R&D, manufacturing and shipping out great products.
If you need our help, give us a call or send us a note. We will usually get back to you in an hour or two or next day at the latest. If you're in a big rush, call our after hours/emergency call center at 509.531.3419.

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We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.