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Tire Cart - The Tire Squire

We introduced the first tire cart with a supporting back wheel so you don't have to carry half the load when moving tires. We didn't stop there. The Tire Squire is the first tire cart not requiring foot power to grasp the tire stack. Easy hookup, easy rolling, easy removal.



The Tire Squire is a radically different tire cart that makes moving passenger and LT tires faster, safer, easier, and more secure than any other tire cart on the market today.

It is always in position to roll. Requiring no foot pedals or complicated mechanisms, the Tire Squire features only 2 moving parts for minimal wear.

Constant tension gripping the bottom tire in the stack and a third wheel to carry and stabilize the load make this unquestionably the best tire cart available.


The Tire Squire and its load never have to be carried like conventional tire carts require. Workers don't have to bend over to pick up the bottom tires like conventional carts. Great pricing. In stock. Ready to ship.

We've been using the Tire Squire tire carts for years now.  As our business grows we continue to purchase more and more.  Every one of the carts are still in service, they've been very durable.  We really put them to the test, as we move everything by hand here, and they have lived up to expectations.  For the money they just can't be beat.  Steven Smoroske, Maftco Tire, Lexington KY
We've bought 4 of your Tire Squires about 6 years ago. We move over 400 tires a day with them. Our guys say they are much easier to operate than the carts we used to have. We'll buy more as soon as these wear out.    Gary McNece, GCR Tire, Mt. Joy PA



Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw8DvudXqZ0 

Price $475 FOB Basin City, WA, ships Fed Ex Ground  

  Tire Squire Dogbone Tensioner Bands $10.00 per set (includes clips)

A set of dogbones usually last several years. (Lasts much longer if Tire Squire is not stored with tires left on it.)

Dimensions: 64" tall,  32" wide, Front to back 41"

Shipping weight 85 lbs, Boxed 64"x 15"x 15"

Tire Squire purchasing..509-269-4632







RubRRak Rolling Tire Rack US Patent #D587,491


For greatest efficiency and an "always clean" service room,

your store rule should be "No junk tires touch the floor!"

The RubRRak is used in several different applications and configurations in tire distribution centers and retail stores for displaying, transporting and storing tires. However, the original and most effective use of this item is the handling of junk tires. 

The RubRRak is placed or near the service room as close to the tire machines as possible. As soon as a junk tire comes off the machine, it is laid on the Rak. The service room is always clean. No junks litter the floor, even when the store is busy. No unecessary handling of tires and removal and transport of junks in seconds make this essential equipment for your store.

Store managers using the RubRRak estimate they are saving several thousand dollars each year in saved labor and less junk tire hassles.






Open Rak $525

  • The Original RubRRak--Heavy Duty
  • Forklift Compatible
  • Thousands of happy users regard RubRRaks as essential equipment
  • Accomodates 35-45 tires




Double Rak $595

  • Original Double Rak, spans 80"
  • Great for customer flats, organizing and displays, adjustments, etc.
  • Handles passenger and LT mounted tires and wheels
  • Forklift compatible
  • Height 80.5" Width 20" Length 84" Space between upper and lower rack 34"


RubRRak ATV $595

  • Platform span--80"
  • Top row handles small ATV, wheelbarrow, and other small tires
  • Bottom row handles larger ATV tires



Our products are in stock, ready to ship at a moment's notice. Call and let us show you how quickly we can make our product become your equipment!



Truck Tire Squire   Truck Tire Cart


Why roll 2 truck tires when you could be rolling 8?


The only truck tire cart in the business!



Quickly lift and transport up to 8 truck tires (unmounted)

It is working well. My folks like it. - Bruce Chamblee, Managing Partner/GM

Dorsey Tire Co. Inc.


Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLUm0FYxnw4

 $2995 FOB Basin City, WA  99343

Handles 19.5", 20", 22", 22.5",  & 24.5" dual bead truck tires

48" wide

Truck Tire Squire purchasing...509-269-4632


Dunk'NLift Tire Dunker


The Dunk'NLift uses simple mechanical means to power lift, dunk and spin 250-300 lb. tire and wheel combinations in and out of dunk tanks to find leaks.


Roll tire into cage, secure with strap and raise a 300 lb tire and wheel with 20 lbs arm pressure. Easily swing tire over tank and lower into water.


Release tilt arm and power dunk into tank and lock. Spin and find leak. No leaky, jumpy air cylinders or sore backs. Raise tire, swing out and lower. Entire process takes about 2 minutes. Requires a 68" diameter or larger round tank.

 Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncKULrSPRS8

Dunk'NLift $2750   FOB Basin City, WA,

Purchase Dunk'NLift....509-269-4632




Utilize our tire equipment, experience constant benefits!

Improve your business in a big way!

Increased profitablity, ergonomics, cleaner stores, employee effectiveness, and better customer impressions are just some of the ways we can help!




Benefits our equipment can give your company...

  • You can depend on our rugged and reliable products-- They  are used by thousands of outlets, coast to coast
  • Less time off for worker injuries
  • Your employees will spend less time handling and cleaning up tires, especially when your shop is busy
  • Your customers will notice your service areas are always clean
  • Fewer workman’s comp claims
  • We offer a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied

Benefits our equipment can give your crew...

  • Less back pain and reduced workplace injuries
  • More energy and time to take care of your customer
  • Better morale by using better equipment
  • Feeling more like a professional tire tech and less like a tire buster 


We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.