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Propane marketers realize many benefits with our equipment.





Our most popular unit -YankATank 




A 500 lb. 250 gallon tank can be lifted with one hand


 Lift and move loaded uprights with minimal effort


 Paint tank bellys in your yard or in the field


One person can quickly pin YankATank dollys on a horizontal and then roll tank through gates and narrow access areas


Handles 420 uprights, 120, 250, & 330 gallon horizontals

 800 lb cargo capacity 

Net weight 135 lbs (with dollies, pins and YankATank)

Width 31", length 80"

Lifting ratio is approximately 10:1. If a 500 lb. (250 gallon) tank is lifted  into transporting position on the YankATank, 50-60 lbs downward handle pressure is required.)

The operator's weight is easily and favorably utilized in providing the downward force to lift tanks.

Downward pressure on the YankATank handle to lift tanks is ergonomically much easier on the back, arms, fingers, etc. than when personnel attempt to scoot, lift, scrape, drag, roll or otherwise manipulate or move tanks without the YankATank.  



Dual Wheel and Tire Option             Hitch Mount Option

For high flotation in soft ground                                     For quick, easy and space-saving bed space

                                                                                             (Includes all hardware for hooking into a 2" hitch receiver)

                                                                                             Dollies must be removed and stowed on truck during

                                                                                            transit for safety. Removal and attachment takes about a 



Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ZxAYaOmsE

(If you are having trouble downloading this video, go directly to You Tube and search for YankATank.)


YankATank -- $1295.00

Hitch Mount -- $230.00  Dollies must be removed and stowed on truck during transit for safety. Removal and attachment takes about a minute.

Dual Tire and Wheel Option (New or retrofit) -- $135.00

Company checks are preferred. 3% charge for credit card payments.


YankATank purchasing:  509.269.4632




Introducing our latest:



Video - https://youtu.be/Q30suXDMD8o


YankA500                                                 $2295


Hitch Mount Carrier                                    $250


Cargo capacity - 1,500 lbs

YankA500 weight - 280 lbs.

Includes all straps needed.

Handles 500 gallon horizontal tanks and smaller


FOB Basin City WA 99343

In stock, ready to ship.

YankA500 purchasing:  509.269.4632





Introducing the YankAnUpright!

Weighing less than 60 lbs for easy handling and featuring a quick-fold handle to minimize cargo space, the YankAnUpright is built rugged to transport empty or loaded 420 lb. upright tanks. Four pnuematic tires provide a stable base stance and doesn’t hinder operator access while lifting tanks, both features much preferable to the competition. Unique fulcrum action allows ergonomically superior lifting action. Attaches to tank without having to lift or shift tank.

Quick fold-up and easy tank handling make

the YankAnUpright the premium upright tank carrier on the market today.


Complete with Shock Strap

Price - $895  FOB Basin City, WA 


YankAnUpright 120 gal horizontal tank adapter

Price - $140   

Company checks are preferred. 3% charge for credit card payments.



To purchase call...509.269.4632


Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ZxAYaOmsE

(If you are having trouble downloading this video, go directly to You Tube and search for YankAnUpright.)


120 gallon Horizontal Tank Adaptor


YankAnUpright Slide-on 120 gallon Horizontal Tank Adapter attached to YankAnUpright - $140 for Adapter


FOB Basin City, WA






Keeps pipe captured, neat, safe and always ready for easy   installation  

  • Handles 1/2", 3/4" and 1" rolls--Accomodates rolls up to 46" outside diameter, 14" wide

  • Dispensers for your plant, work site, or service truck



PolyMinder Cart (With spare roll and reel)

 PolyMinder Hitch Mount (Swing arm extended)


PolyMinder Hitch Mount (Swing arm extended)


Watch the PolyMinder in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMLDSoSjDBw


$795 PolyMinder Hitch Mount  FOB Basin City WA

$795 PolyMinder Cart FOB Basin City WA

$695 PolyMinder Frame Mast (for customer attachment to truck or trencher) FOB Basin City WA

$30 Tracer Wire Spool Option


110 lbs shipping

Optional tracer wire spool roller attachment must be specified at time of order

Company checks are preferred. 3% charge for credit card payments.

PolyMinder purchasing:  509-269-4632


"Worth it's weight in gold. I have to hire one less guy by using the PolyMinder"

Joe Fourre  It's Green,LLC Cape Elizabeth, Maine




Tank Roller


The TankRoller is heavy duty and  adjustable. Designed so you can paint, evacuate, maintain and inspect most horizontal propane tanks, from 120, 250, 330, 500 and 1,000 gallon horizontals.

Comes standard with brake so control of tank can always be maintained as it is turned. 

The TankRoller support rollers project approximately 20" above ground level to allow 360 degree access to valves.

The TankRoller base has support pads for additional stability. 2" wide rollers are non-marring polyurethane with easy rolling bearings. It is designed to be used at your plant or in the field.


 Handles 120 gallon through 1,000 gallon tanks


Lifting lugs are included to allow quick loading with a crane.


  • Maximum span length  between roller points........68"

  • Minimum span length between roller points..........42"

  • Height..............22 1/2"

  • Width............28"

  • Shipping weight.........135 lbs.

  • Gross tank weight capacity.....3,800 lbs.


Optional pnuematic wheels for easy handling


 Tank Roller 3800 lbs $795    Optional pneumatic wheeled unit  $895

  Company checks are preferred. 3% charge for credit card payments.

 Video              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjdZrK3g_Ck

 Tank Roller purchasing:  509-269-4632     



 Move 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks


Easy on, easy off. 

Using a cordless drill and winch.





 500 & 1,000 gallon tanks are jacked up with YankABigTank extended jack.


Dollies can be quickly pinned to legs. Front dolly is steerable.

Tanks can be pushed by hand, towed by motorized means or pulled with a winch.

   Motorized vehicles may be used to transport tank with the  YankABigTank. Careful attention must be given to weight and size of tanks vrs. hauling capacity of vehicle or manpower. Be safe!

Move 500 & 1,000 gallon tanks quickly & efficiently

  • Jack includes enlarged base, lift extension, & pneumatic tires

  • No-mar tank contact points

  • Trailing 1400 lb. capacity dolly with extension for easy handling and attachment

  • Front 1400 lb. capacity steering dolly with tongue for push/pull handling and steering, pindle hitch included

  • Quick-place pins allow for fast mount/dismount of dollies on tank

  •  Fits most 500 & 1,000 gallon LPG tanks

(Note: Improved jack design configured differently than pictured)

Dollies together--56"x 56"



Price $2495 FOB Basin City WA

Company checks are preferred. 3% charge for credit card payments.


YankABigTank purchasing:   509-269-4632  


Our products are in stock, ready to ship at a moment's notice. Call and let us show you how quickly we can make our product become your equipment!


Customer comments

 "The first time I used the YankAnUpright I knew its design was well thought out. It performed perfectly and made pulling the 420lb 120 gallon propane tank across a bumpy field easy. It took 10 minutes to put together and is built very well yet is also light enough to make loading/unloading easy. Given the fact that there are zerk fittings for all the bearings/bushings I know it will last a long time.  Thanks!" 

Jeremy Smith Operations Manager, Vashon Energy, Vashon Island, WA


"we are now setting tanks in places we were never able to before. 

This is a "must-have tool" for anyone in the propane business.    We now have 5 YankATanks"    Mike Crawford, District Manager  Ferrellgas, Kennewick, WA 


"At Main Care Energy, we serve 12 counties. We were looking for a feasible way to safely and efficiently move and set propane tanks in situations where our crane equipment was not appropriate.  We found this in the YankATank. We started out with 3 and now have 7units! It is unquestionably one of the most valuable tools on the installation truck! "   Marcia Booth, Main Care Energy, Albany, NY


"With the YankABigTank, we deliver 500's with the tank on the wheels. Works very well when strapped this way". Kelly Fitzhugh, Propane Service Now



"We absolutely love the PolyMinder. It gets the work done in half the time!" Brooks Shepard, Manager, Range LP Gas, Ely, MN


"We recently purchased a YankATank tank handling system and received it quickly and in good condition. Since many of our staff are natural skeptics, we immediately headed to the tank yard to try it out.   Thanks for excellent service and an excellent solution at a value packed price! Not to mention made in  America by Americans for anyone looking for a better way of doing a hard task."  Lawrence R Miller, Branch Manager and Partner, Williams Panhandle Propane,Tallahassee, FL


"I have nothing but good things to say about the YankATank. We bought ours about two years ago and seem to use it daily. It has held up under all circumstances and helps us operate very efficiently. The YankATank has made two-man sets a thing of the past and allows us to move tanks around the yard with ease."  Ray Galan, District  Manager, Ferrellgas Portland, OR





"I like the PolyMinder...it saves a lot of work and time, especially on long pulls. It keeps the pipe cleaned up and out of the way. It is a great tool!"   Bill Smith, Owner, Tek Gas Service, Kent, CT


"We do a lot of new construction and we are called to set the tank after the yard has been sodded. This would only allow us to use the YankATank to get the tank in since the truck would ruin the new grass. The YankATank rolls over the new grass with very little damage and little effort making it easy for a one-man tank set. The YankATank is also easy to load on and off the truck with its rugged lightweight construction. The versatility to use with upright 50’s and 120’s as well as horizontal tanks is also a plus." Mark E. Holloway, Vice President  Modern Gas Inc. Albany, GA


"We have owned the 'YankATank' for approximately 5 years. It has been very  helpful around our propane yard and also in setting customer tanks. It may be simplistic in  design, but it is a workhorse. We look forward to using the “YankATank” in the coming years and saving our backs."  Ed Congleton, Stokes and Congleton, Stokes, NC


I think I bought one of the 1st ones sold. I'm guessing we've had it about 6 years and  considering the abuse it has received, it is still working great!  Just normal wear and tear on an item used at least once a week but sometimes as many as 20 times in a week!  Thanks again!" Larry (Lawrence R Miller, Williams Panhandle Propane)


Our products provide propane operations with:

  • Better job efficiencies

  • Ergonomic benefits & less workman's comp costs

  • Higher worker morale

  • Professional tools for better customer impressions

Benefits our equipment can give your company:

  • You can depend on our rugged and reliable products-- They  are used by thousands of outlets, coast to coast
  • Save employee's backs. Less work time lost from key employee injuries

  • Set tanks exactly where you and your customer want them, not just where the boom truck can go

  • Set tanks easily, more efficiently and look professional

  • Fewer workman’s comp claims

  • We offer a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied


Benefits our equipment can give your crew:

  • Makes tank handling easy! Your serviceman can easily pick up a 250 gal horizontal with one hand in less than 5 seconds

  • Move and set 120's, 250's, 330 horizontals and 120 uprights to their desired location usually in a minute or two

  • Move the competition's 420 upright out of the way and replace it with your new tank in less than a minute

  • Allows one man to move a horizontal up to 330 gal through a narrow gate without scraping the sidewalk or straining his back

  • Paint tanks up to 330's (including bellys) in the field, 

  • Set more tanks each day with less equipment and lower expenses




We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.