Watch the PolyMinder in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMLDSoSjDBw

  • Propane dealers
  • Gas pipe installers
  • Irrigation contractors
  • Farmers
  • Landscapers




Keeps pipe neat, safe and always ready for easy installation   


  • Handles 1/2", 3/4" and 1" rolls
  • Dispensers for your plant, work site, trencher or service truck
  • Pipe roll can be up to: 15" in width, 46" outside diameter

    Poly is no longer a pain to handle and transport

Customer comments:

"We absolutely love it...it gets the work done in half the time!"        Brooks Shepard, Manager, Range LP Gas, Ely, MN. 


"I like it...it saves a lot of work and time."     Bill Smith, Owner, Tek Gas Service, Kent, CT


"Worth it's weight in gold. I have to hire one less guy by using the PolyMinder"    Joe Fourre  It's Green,LLC Cape Elizabeth, Maine                                 



 The PolyMinder is designed to accept different sizes and brands of pipe roll fitments, eliminate hard-to-handle pipe messes, and will roll through gates and doorways with the pipe roll attached.



The PolyMinder is versatile, handling your gas pipe roll sizes up to 1/2" x 1000 ft rolls and 3/4" & 1" rolls up to 500' long.  It will also handle several partial rolls at once!



without PolyMinder... 

       Big Messes=Easily Damaged Pipe




As soon as the bands are cut, a polypipe roll gets a mind of it's own. It clutters up work areas and service trucks. 


 Unfettered pipe gets tangled. Nicks and dings occur from tools being dropped on it. Leaks can occur when the pipe is damaged. Partial rolls get lost and forgotten.



    The PolyMinder   

      The PolyMinder protects poly pipe by keeping it off the truck bed, ground or floor. Keeping it in a uniform and snug roll, without slipping, the poly is always available for quick and easy dispensing. The PolyMinder accomodates 1/2", 3/4" and 1" polypipe.   


The PolyMinder can be attached to vehicles via the Hitch Mount model. Access to the back of the truck or van is made possible as the PolyMinder and roll of pipe can be swung out of the way in less than 5 seconds! 





           Polypipe can now be transported safely and never get  in the way of the work.    



PolyMinder w/ Cart--$795

PolyMinder w/ Hitch Mount--$795

Wire Spool Attachment Option--$20

Optional wire spool roller attachment must be specified at time of order


110 lbs shipping


All units FOB Basin City, WA 99343   


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