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Sectional Drying Systems      Patent Pending




The system shown below worked but didn't. It dried corn but some scary scenarios appeared in the process making it problematic. The system shown above has worked well for the last 2 years. The principle is the same with both designs. R&D is just finishing up. Production runs slated for summer of 2017.


We are pleased to announce a revolutionary new method of drying corn and other grains. Until now, natural air drying bins have used false floors and big-amp fans to force drying air up through the entire mass of grain.

Whether you dry with propane, high horsepower fans, or the local grain handler--power and fuel bills take a big bite out of each bushel.

SDS is the solution. By dividing the mass of grain in a bin into sections, we have greatly reduced the cost of pushing drying air through loaded corn bins.

Beginning with SDS installation in your bins to dry your crop each year, SDS is the most efficient and inexpensive corn drying system available.


SDS Air Flow Chart:

SDS Benefits:

  • Other in-bin drying systems are restricted solely to short bins (20-24 ft), while our multi-level system will work in any height of bin
  • SDS power requirements are a fraction of what other systems must have
  • Multiple air exhaust zones allow temperatures to be checked instantly in all sections of the bin
  • 3-phase power is helpful but if not available, single-phase systems will work fine
  • Expensive power, monitoring and fan systems not needed
  • SDS features spread-out, multiple drying fronts compared to the disadvantages of a large single drying front all other natural air systems unavoidably have
  • Initial cost comparable to floor dry systems
  • Interior or exterior stiffeners are acceptable and necessary
  • With multiple drying fronts, the "layers" are easily blended rather than one large section of over-dried grain on bottom bin level



With fans running, moisture is exiting out of the exhaust vents

into the air but also showing up residually as ice on a cold morning.

(Vent caps and screens are removed for photo)


Ordering SDS coversions:

Before pricing, engineering and manufacturing for your job, we must have each of your (exact) bin diameters and heights and discuss other pertinent information with you. Your electric service, voltage and amperage capacity info is needed. 

It is essential that all bins using SDS have adaquate stiffeners, bolted either inside or outside the bins. If not, bin stiffeners must be added before SDS is installed. Moveit Inc. or your local bin company can supply them. 

SDS is the most efficient corn drying system available.

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S D S  Patent Pending

Sectional Drying Systems



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