Top Notch Sign Frames
Easy, Rugged & Classy Real Estate Solutions


The other night, one of our employees noticed and snapped a picture of our latest product while driving home. It's a sign frame we've developed primarily for real estate agencies. We hope to have our patent application filed, be in production and have them available by September 1, 2018.  

A few months ago we developed, produced and delivered prototypes of commercial sign frames along with a few residential frames.  Our unique frames, utilizing the same installation method, were made for a real estate company in WA state.

They loved the signs and sent us a check for 3 grand. We loved the check and in addition are pretty sure you'll like the frames we are gearing up to make! (in just a few more weeks!)

Stay tuned. Our signs are much easier to transport, place and retrieve than any other sign frame you've ever used.

Shovels and 4x4 posts will no longer be a part of your real estate sign checklist. Everything you need to set a 4x4 (or even a 4x8) sign can be transported in your SUV, thanks to Top Notch sign frames.

No more digging. Quicker, easier and less costly sign erection and retrieving. Great looking powder coated frames. No fastening hardware required.

Give us a call or drop us a note if you'd like to get on the list when they become available!


We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.