AllBin Rain Skirt
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Question: Who needs AllBin Rain Skirts?

Answer: Your bins. Here's two reasons why:


These bins wouldn't be rusty or wet if they had the AllBin Rain Skirt. The corn would be no-black and all-yellow.

A few details concerning our new AllBin Rain Skirt and some background information you're probably already familiar with...


Not only is it a challenge to dry and store corn and other grains, but it is also a constant battle to keep water from entering grain bins at the base of the bin.

Cloud bursts, melting snow and even light rain accumulations often land on the large footprint of your bin roof. The water then splashes down to pool up at the junction of concrete and bin bottom.

Rusty panels on the bottom of grain bins, water splashing and pooling on the concrete apron along with rotting corn inside on the floor are big problems. Combine these problems with the annual job of trying to reseal bin bottoms and it adds up to be a never-ending problem.






The AllBin Rain Skirt will fit any size or make of galvanized grain bin.

In past years at Moveit, we have taken various approaches to solve these problems including fabricating and installing rain gutter systems at the eaves of bins.

Forming circular gutters on multiple bin sizes high in the air was not a job for the faint of heart. 

Great concept but did it solve our problem? Truthfully, no.



Maintaining and cleaning out the constant buildup of corn fines, stray kernels, dirt and dust at bin roof heights made us weak of heart and regain the desire to go back to the drawing board.



Next, we produced bin skirts that worked well and kept the moisture out. However, we could see the skirts needed more strength and flexibility, two factors we felt were critical. Ease and speed of installation was also a top priority on our list. 

So we went back to the drawing board and developed the ultimate AllBin Rain Skirt design.

We are currently tooling up for production. Soon, along with our bins, you can start enjoying the dryness.



Water problems with your bins and grain can now be solved for good. With a grain bin skirt.

The AllBin Rain Skirt flexes and fits any bin. It is attached to the bin and moves with it, instead of working against the floor and fillers. 

New bins or old, your bins will love the cover provided by the Bin Skirt.


Ever wonder how so much water finds it's way into your grain and floor of your bin?

Temperature changes move every grain bin on every concrete pad. Back and forth. All the time.

Hot and cold. Expansion and contraction.


This unchangeable law of physics constantly opens cracks and channels in tar and other compounds that have been applied to the bin base. No concoction can overcome the inevitable and constant moving of a bin.

Meanwhile, it rains and snows and drips and drizzles.

The large surface area of the bin roof collects massive amounts of water. The roof dumps boatloads of water on the concrete apron, inches from your valuable grain and bin. Water seeps in.


The close proximity and encroaching wetness proceed to do the damage.


With the AllBin Rain Skirt, it doesn't matter that bins expand and contract. All that matters is that the Bin Skirt is on.


  • No more water pooling up on the concrete apron
  • No more rust forming on the bottom of the bin
  • No water flooding under the bin and rotting your corn 
  • No longer apply caulking, tar, sealant and expensive  compounds every year or so that never solve the problem

The AllBin Rain Skirt





This is how you make the upgrade...



The AllBin Rain Skirt is usually shipped in rolls of 50-80 feet, depending on your concrete apron width. You will be provided a little overlap lengthwise so your bin is fully covered.

The Bin Skirt is screwed onto the bin at a beginning point and then unrolled and mounted to the bin, flexing to fit snugly against the bin and concrete. Neoprene washer self-drilling screws tighten it in place. We provide everything you need to install the system except a cordless drill, 5/16" nut driver and a brush for the sealant.

On a 45-degree angle, the Bin Skirt is mounted against the bin and corner of the concrete apron. 


Our Patent Pending Bin Skirt is shown attached to a bin. Flexible in just the right places and strong where it's needed most.

Smaller bins? It may take you 20 minutes to install the Bin Skirt. Larger bins? A bit longer. Guaranteed to go on quicker and easier than the annual tar and feather job you've been doing for the last decade or two.



Finish the job by applying flashing and sealant. Since there is no movement or force against the sealant, it will remain  intact indefinitely. 


The price you pay will depend solely on the width of your concrete apron and the diameter of your bin.

For example, an 18' diameter bin with a 4" concrete apron will cost $143.28 US dollars (FOB Basin CIty, WA)

Flashing, sealant, and neoprene washer self-drilling screws are included.  

Pencil it out! A one-time expense, it is far less costly than the temporary sealing applications you have had to reapply on a regular basis in the past. And it is far more effective than any of the temporary fixes you've done in the past.

Unlike the other band aids that have been around for decades, the Bin Skirt stays attached and moves with the bin. Summer after summer. Winter after summer.

Exposed sheet metal edges are seamed on the Bin Skirt for user safety.

Photos of new installations will be posted shortly. 

Any size bin. Any size concrete apron. Extra wide aprons over 15" from bin to corner are handled with our same product but with a slight variation.

With the AllBin Rain Skirt, concrete aprons are always bone dry. No more bin rust. No more grain rot. No more labor. No more annual tar mess.  No more angst and damage after forgetting to seal the bins in the middle of harvest.


The AllBin Skirt. A permanent fix for a constant problem.


Our guarantee: We will replace any portion of the Bin Skirt that fails in a ten-year period from date of purchase. Measurements given at time of purchase must be correct. Concrete foundation of bin must be intact and above any flood levels.

All you have to do is make sure the Bin Skirt is installed per our easy-to-follow instructions.

The only exception to this is if you have a hurricane or tornado touch down in your bin yard. 

Questions may be directed to our Contact page.


Patent Pending 

Ordering information will be published on this page by March 1, 2018

Product will be shipped beginning April 1, 2018


We reserve the right to upgrade our products. Items may be slightly different in appearance as upgrades to product lines may take place.