Introducing our all-new

Power Rack 1-Man Big Bale Feeder  Patent Pending

You Tube video. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Wy9C8lcC8


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1 Bale - Power Rack Feeder        $4850









2 Bale Single Axle - Power Rack Feeder        $6850







2 Bale Tandem Axle - Power Rack Feeder        $7650



3x3 Feeders also available


Bale Feeder Video Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Wy9C8lcC8


  • Independent operation. Doesn't tie your truck up with loose hay or mechanisms that hinder daily needs
  • Feed two  4x4 or 3x4 bales with the 2 Bale Feeder
  • Feed one 4x4 or 3x4 bale with the 1 Bale Feeder
  • 12 volt 7 spade RV plug
  • Tail lights standard
  • Rugged, quick, dependable
  • Unhook, hook up in seconds
  • Powder coated
  • Weight distribution gives favorable tongue weight for vehicle traction
  • Push bales, drop flakes with touch of a button
  • Virtually no maintenance, few wear points


Pick one up at our lot in Basin City, WA 99343 ($500 off)


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Owner Statements

After feeding off the dock of my truck for years, I was worn out and knew I was going to get hurt sooner or later. I don't dread feeding time now. - LN, Pasco, WA

Every time I feed using the Power Rack Bale Feeder, I feel like it's Christmas morning. - BE, Merced, CA


I think this is a pretty good piece of equipment. It is very handy. - JL, Othello, WA


My wife feeds the cows now. She says it feels like we're cheating. We love it! - KG, Ellensburg, WA


A neighbor told me that since he got his Big Bale Power Rack Feeder, he could now keep feeding cows til he dies of old age. So I bought one since I'm not getting any younger. If you're going to feed big bales by yourself, it's the cat's meow! - VT, Ontario, OR

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